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Asian Fit Eyeglasses Online. A rim all the way around the lenses, provides for maximum stability and durability. All our eyeglasses and sunglasses are made with a thicker adjustable nose bridge, shorter and wider lens, and have a more reduced frame curvature.

asian fit eyeglasses online
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Alternative fit glasses (aka asian fit glasses or global fit glasses) and alternative fit sunglasses are designed for faces with a flatter nosebridge which is thinner at the top and then widens out towards the bottom, with higher cheekbones. Apart from calling it ‘asian fit,’ the customized eyewear is known for other names such as omni fit, universal fit, global fit, alternative fit, or low bridge fit.

Burberry BE2201F Asian Fit Be2201f Eyeglasses

Asian fit frames are designed with less curvature and the nose pads and nose bridge. Asian fit is a somewhat controversial term used in the eyewear industry to describe glasses that are made for those with lower nose bridges and higher cheekbones.

Asian Fit Eyeglasses Online

Experience the very best in comfort, style, and optical technology with asian fit sunglasses from maui jim.Firmoo enables online buyers to.For plastic or acetate frames, it means that there is a built up plastic bridge.For the best fashion statement with absolutely no slippage, this is the frame for you.

For the best fashion statement with absolutely no slippage, this is the frame for you.Free usps shipping over $50!Get your prescription eyeglasses online.Gucci gg0409ok asian fit 001:

Gucci gg0409ok asian fit 001:Hence, some eyewear manufacturers have decided to create a special line of eyeglasses tailored to fit the typical asian face.If eyewear doesn’t sit properly, it can impair vision and.If you have a low set or small nose bridge, you may find that sunglasses tend to slide forward.

If you like korean round/circle glasses, korean big glasses, korean oversized glasses or korean fashion glasses for male/female online, firmoo is your best choice!Investing in a pair of asian fit sunglasses resolves a number of problems the asian demographic faces, such as the eyewear not touching the cheek bones, proper placement on the nose that rests fits.Look in the mirror, and use your finger to find the top of your nose bridge.Made of acetate plastic, the frame can be.

No more worrying about frames slipping down the face with asian fit glasses.Oldest north american company dedicated to asian fit.Our alternative fit frames come in a wide variety of styles and their higher nose pads mean the glasses sit at just the right height for those with a low nose bridge and high cheekbones.Our sun readers are available in.

Ox8080 oakley crosslink zero asian fit glasses:Picking the right frame also depends on the image that the person wants to project.Ray ban glasses rx5228f asian fit is a stylish frame for women.See more ideas about eyeglasses, asian, glasses.

Shopping for glasses online can be a daunting task, but, luckily, we make it easy to order our low bridge fit glasses from the comfort of your home.Started in 2009, tc charton is the first independent eyewear company to focus exclusively on asian fit glasses.That’s why we have a full team of certified opticians on the phones and livechat 7 days a week to help you find your perfect frame.The asian fit features mean that they will be comfortable for longer, and let you look just as fashionable.

The asian fit features mean that they will be comfortable for longer, and let you look just as fashionable.The front of the frames are black acetate.The front of the frames are black acetate.The nose pads have been enlarged to provide a better fit, but they remain discreet.

The nose piece on glasses considered asian fit will extend slightly lower than standard glasses.The official online store of tc charton, the first eyewear line designed in north america specifically with asians in mind, producing both ophthalmic frames and sunglasses for men, women and children.These designer prescription glasses are made to accommodate most prescription lenses.These prescription glasses feature a fashionable full frame design.

They are engineered to get rid of digital eye strain that will help reduce eye fatigue, blurry vision, and even headaches.They are the perfect frames for anyone with a narrow chin and wide set temples.They are the perfect frames for anyone with a narrow chin and wide set temples.This is the perfect pair of asian fit glasses for the sporty among you.

To accomodate this type of physiognomy, also known as asian fit or global fit plastic eyewear frames are designed with.To know if you have a low nose bridge, we have a simple test.Try to log onto and you will certainly get a satisfactory result.Usually plastic frames either do not build up their bridge or it is very small, only a few centimeters big.

Vlook© offers both european fit and asian fit frames.We don’t like to play favorites, but oakley was.We have a convenient access to asian eyeglasses, especially chinese eyeglasses and sunglasses.We know fit is already a concern of yours and buying such a personal item online can be tricky.

We make sure our asian fit eyewear is at least 8 mm to provide less sliding and more support.We proudly offer the largest selection of asian fit frames and sunglasses with over 500 unique styles and colors since we started.You can always visit our website and shop through the different frame sizes and view our different product offerings (since we’re always launching new.You will easily catch korean glasses trend here.

Your nose bridge refers to the hard part of your nose where it begins near your forehead, between your eyes.“oakley was the first to make asian fit eyewear but i wanted to go in a different direction, less sporty and all luxury.” tc charton is designed foremost with asian features in mind;